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07 August 2014

Additions to my perfect movie list -- movies that I never get tired of and wouldn't change a thing about -- Robin Hood (Flynn, of course), Godfather 2, Moonstruck, Rear Window, The Kid Brother (Harold Lloyd), La Belle et La Bete, Jour de Fete, A Walk In the Sun, The Haunting (the original, which is still scary just to think about), Battleground, The Seventh Seal, and Fanny and Alexander.

Anybody can see any of these films practically any time with new digital media -- and when I think of what a struggle it was to see even a great silent comedy like The Kid Brother or Keaton's Battling Butler in the Olden Time (as my grandmother used to say)! Now you just press a button and you have Netflix, Warner Archive, Hulu Plus -- all I can say is, kids today have it easy!

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