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12 August 2014

The news of Robin Williams death is so sad. I guess a talent like that can be a terrible burden. How can someone who seemed such a positive character, and who was so well-liked, feel so cut off from any kind of help that he would just want to end his existence?

My strongest memory of him isn't of a standup routine or movie role. It's of the time I just happened to be watching the Tonight Show, and he and Jonathan Winters were on, quite independently, promoting different things, not working together. But they were sitting next to each other. And suddenly, without a word passing between them, they turned into the Oldest Confederate Veteran and his grandson, and conducted an entire interview that way. It was simply brilliant.

And I remember, from a long, long time ago, his description of Einstein's face: "It looks like the lights are on, and everybody's home."

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