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16 November 2014

More Looks at Minna Gombell, an Unsung Heroine of Hollywood

Here are a few more photos of Minna Gombell, a fine actress whose aim was not to be recognized. It's really enjoyable to discover someone like this; you note one performance, like the horrible Mimi in The Thin Man, and say to yourself, who on earth was that actress? Then you notice another character, and discover that it is in fact the same person playing the totally different part of the glamorous and sympathetic Marcelle in The Merry Widow. And another, and another.

Anyway, here she is in a youthful portrait:

Minna Gombell
And here she is as the ageing chorine in Comet Over Broadway, with Kay Francis:

And here she is as the sympathetic Parisienne Marcelle in The Merry Widow:
Jeannette MacDonald, Maurice Chevalier, and Minna Gombell

And here is a later portrait:
We hear so much about the fraught lives of the big movie stars -- any problems those poor people had were made so much worse by the constant glare of publicity (I can hardly think of anything worse). But being a real working actress in Hollywood without asking for or wanting stardom must have been quite a satisfying life.
minna-gombell-great-film-actress-youve.never heard of

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