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10 October 2015

John Lennon Would Have Been 75 Today: And I Still Miss Him...

No one who was conscious then needs an explanation of why I still love that voice -- both singing and opining -- that face, and that unique awareness. What people of a certain age don't still love him? Hearing those voices for the first time when you were twelve years old made the sun come out.

I bet John Lennon would have been just as cool at 75 as he was at 25; I really wish he had been here with us over the past tumultuous thirty five years -- thirty five years!! -- to give us the benefit of his honesty, his dry wit, and his caring heart.

This is one of the first records I ever bought (at Sam Goody's!). I've still got it and is know exactly where it is. And that was sure the best $2.50 I ever spent!

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