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11 May 2017

Day Three of Richard Barthelmess: Shore Leave, 1925

With Dorothy Mackail
Here are a few more pictures of Richard Barthelmess from Shore Leave, 1925. This is an unpretentious comedy about the romance of a fast-talking sailor named Smith and a quiet New England dressmaker called Connie Martin.

If this rings a faint bell, it's because the story, much coarsened, was reused by RKO for the Astaire-Rodgers vehicle Follow the Fleet. In this version Barthelmess creates one of his most fun characters, a bouncy, self-confident skirt-chaser finally conquered by love. Dorothy Mackail is lovely as always as the little seamstress with a secret.

The available prints aren't the greatest; sometimes the titles are obscured, but it doesn't really matter since the plot is fairly simple. It's nothing profound, just a cute little comedy.

The fast-talking sailor meets the quiet New Englander

And they spend an evening together

But there's a misunderstanding

But he works his way back to her

And they reconcile in the end

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