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5. Mae West Offscreen

This is a small selection of pictures of Mae West off-screen, some with friends and admirers -- everybody seemed to want to be with Mae. Even Marlene Dietrich and Talullah Bankhead look like fangirls! And sometimes, as in the photo below taken on the set of She Done Him Wrong, you see that brilliant, natural smile!

On the set of She Done Him Wrong

Marlene Dietrich visited Mae on the set of My Little Chickadee during a break from filming Destry Rides Again

With cosmetics entrepeneuse Helena Rubenstein, who was even tinier than she was.

With an undercover police officer assigned to decoy for Mae when she was threatened by an extortion plot.

With French couturier Marcel Rochas

With Noel Coward and Cary Grant

Just a home girl in a gingham dress
The premiere of I'm No Angel, in one of her favorite gowns and a gorgeous corsage of lilies of the valley and orchids. She knows she's got a winner!
Her work shoes, which must have added a good eight inches to her height.