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3. Stars Knitting -- New Photos!

Once, only manly-men (and guild members) could knit. But then the ladies took over. Many of the glamour queens of Hollywood were avid knitters, and no wonder; it's the perfect pastime for waiting around on the set, which as we all know is what most film actors spend most of their time doing.

Mary Pickford knitting

Carole Lombard knitting

Rosilind Russell knitting

Ingrid Bergman knitting

Greer Garson knitting

Marilyn knitting

Jean Haralow knitting

Bette Davis knitting

Elizabeth Taylor knitting

Susan Hayward knitting

Grace Kelly knitting as Clarrk Gable looks on

Joan Crawford helps Ann Blyth with her knitting
Gloria Stuart knitting
Doris Day knitting

Angela Landsbury knitting

Rita Hayworth knitting

Katharine Hepburn knitting